Types and Uses of Electric Motors

An electric motor, through a place like Ln Electric Motors Limited, is a device that is used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Almost everything that moves in an electrical device uses a motor. These include household appliances, power tools, machine tools, industrial equipment and electric vehicles among many others. Electric motors are used to produce a linear or rotary force that steers the device. An electric motor can be powered by direct current (DC) sources or alternating current (AC) sources. Read More 

How Surveyors Avoid Making Errors in Their Work

You may be aware of the saying that no measurement is 100 percent accurate. That maxim may be leading you to wonder about what measures land surveyors take in order to limit the possibility of errors in their work. This article discusses some of the steps that land surveyors take in order to ensure that the work they produce is as accurate as possible. Careful Design of the Reference Network Read More 

Guidelines for Demolition Safety and Liability Protection

There are different potential hazards in a demolition worksite therefore it is important to evaluate every aspect that can compromise the safety of those around. If you fail to take precautions as the property owner, you may face legal and financial consequences when accidents and subsequent injuries occur. You can get guidance on developing the right work plan for your site from the Australian Standard 2601 on The Demolition of Structures. Read More